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Jingwei Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development

         Fulfilling the responsibility of environmental protection and promoting the harmonious development of man and nature is an important part of Jingwei's sustainable development plan. We have been committed to the construction of environmental protection and the development of circular economy:

Improve the environmental management system

         ——We actively promote advanced environmental management systems in all production enterprises to promote sustainable development;

Reduce environmental load through products

        ——We continue to deepen and refine internal management, innovate energy-saving and environmentally friendly processes, and develop environmentally friendly products;

Environmental protection in production activities

         ——In our production activities, we consider reducing environmental loads and risks, reducing the consumption of resources such as water and electricity, and promoting the development of circular economy industries through the recycling and comprehensive utilization of waste;

Sustainable development of the environmental protection industry

         ——We actively carry out environmental exchange activities, participate in policy formulation, and promote the sustainable development of the environmental protection industry.

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